#people: Tiberius, a Roman emperor or the guardian of Roman memories? Troia - Portugal #peopleplacesstories

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Does it sound like a coincidence that the guard of the Roman ruins of Troia (Portugal) in the 80’s was called Tibério, just like the Roman emperor who was in power when the Romans started building the largest industrial center of salted fish and fish sauces of the Empire?

Since its abandonment by the Roman people in the 6th century, this large settlement was gradually covered by windblown sand. It started to be unearthed by archaeologists in the 18th century. In the 20th century, Tibério lived in a house near the ruins and accompanied some of the archaeologists who worked here.

His son, Bruno Costa, is still working in Tróia. He was born in the house close to the site where the family lived for many years. His father would tell him the tales of those who had lived there before them. Particularly the story about a couple who was buried together. He called it the “Lovers’ burial”. In fact, a particular grave outside the mausoleum could have held two bodies.

Unfortunately, a lot of information was lost of old excavations at this Roman site, but the memory of Tibério, who cared for these Roman ruins, as if they were his own home, should endure and last for as long as there are memories of him. Still, to this day, when guiding tours at the Roman Ruins of Tróia, there are visitors that ask us about the nice gentleman who would open the gates of these ruins and let them in to discover the wonders of an ancient world.

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