What do you think and feel cultural heritage really means? Contribution of Raminta Šimonyte (Kaunas - Lithuania)

Escrito por Raminta Šimonyte (Kaunas - Lithuania) el . Publicado en Notícies

For me culture is my family and all the people who are next to me.

Raminta Šimonyte (Kaunas - Lithuania)


What do you think and feel cultural heritage really means? #peopleplacesstories
The starting point of this proposal is a collaborative approach to the concept of cultural heritage. For those who are interested, we invite you to send us a short text accompanied by an image of what you think or feel the cultural heritage slogan “People, Places, Stories” (which, as you all know, is articulated in the Council of Europe Faro Convention) really means.

Your contributions and reflections produced by this collaborative process will serve as a starting point towards the necessary participative review of the concept of cultural heritage and will appear in the 10th edition of the “Memoria Viva” magazine to be published by the “Patrimoni Project” in July 2018.

This invitation will be open until February 25th 2018. Many thanks to everyone for your interest and participation. You can find all the details in this link

#peopleplacesstories #patrimoniuji #FaroConvention #Europeforculture

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